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How it Started and Where We're Headed

In 1999 we started BBWFacesitting.com and it was the first website at that time that featured strictly full-figured models facesitting. It pretty much started the BBW facesitting internet trend that is seen today, hence our slogan on the site "...where it all started"

In 2017 we plan on opening more fetish oriented websites which we are currently in the process of creating content for that will focus on various fetishes.

We are currently seeking fetish models for our current fetish websites as well as creating content for the new websites.

NOTHING we do is hard-core…(i.e. no penetration, genital fluids exchanged, etc), everything is fetish oriented.

Travel Expenses
Our Location

We are located in south eastern Connecticut, about two hours north of New York City, about 1 hour west of Providence, RI and about 2 hours south west of Boston, MA. Ideally we are seeking local models in the North East U.S. (New England) but will consider all.

Your Location

We primarily search for models in the north east US, however depending on your location, time of year, we would provide transportation via airplane, train, bus or fuel cost if you are driving.

We book all fares/tickets in advance at our expense so no travel cost is passed on to the model. All you will need is your valid ID to travel.

At this time we do not purchase material nor do we hire models to work from home. We shoot all of our own material in Connecticut.

Verify Us

Since 1999 we have worked with numerous models, any of which can verify that we are a legitimate business, safe to work with and disperse payouts in a professional manner. Actual References will be provided privately.

Legal Info
2257 Record Keeping

You MUST be over 18 years of age to apply/submit photographs. You must be able to provide 2 forms of ID for Federal record keeping compliance and sign a model release.

Models that are not residents of the United States must have a United States issued ID such as a Passport / Working VISA.

1099 Income Reporting

Depending on how much revenue you earn from us we may or may not have to issue a 1099 form at the end of the year.

BBW / SSBBW Models  
Big Butts . Wide Hips . Pear Shapes

We are seeking pear shaped BBW and SSBBW models that are VERY bottom heavy with very heavy thighs, large butts and wide hips for facesitting, trampling and buttcrush modeling.

Big Breast / Big Areola Models  
Big Breasts

We are seeking naturally busty models that are a DDD or larger for breast fetish modeling.

Large Areolas

We are seeking model with very large wide areolas regardless of breast size. If you are not a large breasted model but have extremely large and/or puffy areolas that is also something we are looking for. We love huge extraordinary areolas and puffy nipples!!! Your age/weight are unimportant, that you have the “pancakes” is!

Pregnant and/or Lactating

We are also seeking pregnant and / or lactating models. If you are pregnant and are not lactating yet but your areolas are darkening and your breasts and nipples are swelling that is a plus.

If you are not pregnant but are lactating that is also a plus. If you are pregnant and lactating that is a huge plus.

Petite / Average Models  
Seats and Tramplees

We are seeking petite / small females to be sat on and / or trampled by the BBW models. Female "seats" and female "tramplees" earn top dollar!

Smoking Fetish

We are seeking smoking fetish models who are regular smokers with a pretty face and full lips for solo, Dom/Sub Roleplay,etc.

SPH - Small Penis Humiliation

The model would interact with a male model with a small penis. The interaction would consist of verbal humiliation and degradation, tormenting the penis such as slapping, pinching, poking, squeezing, etc.

Lip / Tongue Fetish

The model will perform solo doing POV lip / tongue teasing such as applying lip gloss/lip stick, licking/sucking objects such as lollipops, dildos, dolls, etc.

Breast Play

Seeking models with a pretty face and full lips. You do not have to be busty yourself. Model would perform breast / nipple play on another model.

Private Smoking Fetish - Cash Paid  
Private Smoking Fetish

In addition to the models we hire for the websites, I also seek women who are everyday regular cigarette smokers for my personal smoking fetish interests. Because this is for my private entertainment there is no income reporting or 2257 paperwork. Must be in Connecticut (or in close traveling distance.)

Learn more about the Private Smoking Modeling

Male Models
What can we say? Take a Number and Get in Line

As you can imagine we have no shortage of male models wanting to participate in our productions. Separate yourself from the rest of the "line" and send us a message about yourself and why you would like to participate.

We are looking for smaller males and you must be able to hold your breath for a long period while enduring a lot of weight. You must be able to travel to CT on short notice. Be sure to include non-nude photos of yourself. One line or crude messages will just get deleted. If you can't take the time to be polite, tell us about yourself and put a little effort into emailing us, why we would want to consider you?

Contacting Us

Please contact us for more information. Please include a couple of photos giving us an idea of your appearance. If you are someone we would like to know more about we will email you a PDF outlining the details of the modeling. The PDF contains much more detailed information such as more about us, legal info, references, rates, etc.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for models with specific attributes / features for our fetish oriented websites. Even though we may personally think you are a beautiful model, we are catering to specific audiences with specific interests. We obviously can't hire everyone that applies so please do not be offended or take it personally if we feel you will not be a good fit for our websites.

Please include your name, age, location, availability and which of our website(s) / fetish(es) you are interested in modeling for.

Please send an email to bbwentertainment@icloud.com.
(Please do not change the subject line. Doing so may cause your email to be being filtered as spam.

Our Fetish Websites
Real Fullweight Facesitting

BBWFacesitting.com is an adult oriented fetish website which focuses on the female domination theme, in particular, facesitting. Models sit full weight on the participant playing the role of the “seat” smothering them and using them like a “human seat cushion”.

No penetration or genital fluids exchanged.

Seeking The Following:
  • BBW/SSBBW Models
  • Big Butts / Wide Hips / Pear Shape
  • Petite/Average Models
  • Small Males
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The Best in Big Tit Sucking

BBWBoobs.com is an adult oriented fetish website which focuses on large breasts and/or large areolas and nipples. Models shoot solo breast material as well as engage in breast fetish play with another female. The extent of the breast fetish play is playing, licking and suckling of each other’s breasts.

No penetration or genital fluids exchanged.

Seeking Models with the following Attribute(s)
  • Big Breasts (DDD+)
  • Large/Giant Areolas
  • Puffy Areolas/Nipples
  • Lactating
  • Pregnant
  • Petite/Small with full lips
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Big Fat Crushing Asses

BBWButtCrushing.com is an adult oriented fetish website which will focus on bottom heavy females sitting on and crushing objects such as dolls, stuffed animals, balloons, toys and miscellaneous items.

No penetration or genital fluids exchanged.

Seeking Models with the following Attributes
  • Big Butts / Wide Hips / Pear Shape
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Real Heavyweight Trampling

BBWTrampling.com is an adult oriented fetish website which focuses on the female domination theme, in particular, trampling. Models stand, walk, etc, with their full weight on the participant playing the role of the “tramplee” and “crush” them.

No penetration or genital fluids exchanged.

Seeking Models with the following Attributes
  • BBW/SSBBW Models
  • Big Butts / Wide Hips / Pear Shape
  • Petite/Average Models
  • Small Males
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