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MultiMedia Solutions
Knowledge and Experience

Through the years for adult and non-adult clients alike, we have amassed a broad range of knowledge and experience in the multimedia field. From tape to digital, broadcast to YouTube, we have the editing, encoding and authoring experience to handle virtually any media task.

To keep pace with the ever evolving media technologies, we run all of the latest industry standard multimedia tools from Adobe to deliver anything from a small YouTube clip to literally a feature film and everything in between. We obviously don't do feature films but we use the same professional video and audio tools that were used in the production of such popular Hollywood titles such as Act of Valor, Avatar, Hugo, The Aviator, etc.

Media Services
Video Editing

Professional video and Audio editing of tape or tape-less formats. and we will edit your provided raw video footage and apply any necessary image corrections, watermarking, copyright information, etc.


Once your video has been edited we can transcode it to any of the web’s most popular and user friendly formats for any screen including iOS and Android powered devices.

DVD Authoring

If you prefer to sell your clients DVD’s we do professional disc authoring from basic to advanced with interactive animated menus. If you need small quantities of DVD’s we can simply duplicate discs for you on an “as need” basis or send your DVD out for professional replication.

We have a great deal of experience in producing high quality professional DVD’s. We have done numerous DVD projects for both adult and non-adult clients as well as produced several of our own.

Video Editing Contact US for Pricing
Video . Audio . Animation
  • Tape and Tape-less Formats
  • Professional Editing
  • Audio Editing and Correction
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • Animation / Titles / Watermarks
Encoding for all devices Contact US for Pricing
Desktop - Streaming - Mobile
  • All Popular Formats / Codecs
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • HTML5 Mobile Compatibility
  • Copyright / Watermarking
  • HD / SD
  • FTP to your server
DVD Authoring Contact US for Pricing
Authoring . Replication . Duplication
  • Interactive Menus
  • Duplication or Replication
  • Full Color Disc Printing
  • Full Color Outsert Printing
  • Optional Shrinkwrap & UPC Code