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A Little About Me

My name is Shane. I'm very happily married to my wife of 16 years Mistress Kim. I'm a clean, DDF male and I am a non-smoker. I have never smoked, been drunk or high a day in my life...literally. I was a "good boy" growing weaknesses were video games and porn...still are...well the porn anyway. I love Star Trek and I'm a big time "Trekkie".

My wife doesn't smoke but she's super cool and I have her full support to entertain my various fetishes via Real Time or Online. In fact she is the one who encouraged me to pursue and entertain my fetishes. I'm truly an open book and have nothing to hide or be sneaky about.

What I'm looking for

I am seeking local Fetish friendly Models/Dommes to session with (outcall) on a regular basis to entertain various fetishes such as:

  • Smoking - Models who are regular everday smokers for blowing smoke in face, human ashtray, etc.
  • Nipple play - Me receiving.
  • Smothering - Models with fat fleshy thighs for clothed facesitting/smothering.
  • Lactating - Busty models who are lactating for breast smothering / breast suckling.

I'm not looking for sex or nudity. I actually prefer the Fetish Model/Domme to be fully clothed...I know weird right?

I honestly could care less about "sex" or nudity. I think I would rather watch paint dry than look at pussy...I'm fetish driven. All that matters to me is her face, lips and hair. Unlike most males who are only interested with a woman's body from "the neck down", I'm only interested from "the neck up" so to speak.


I prefer models with a pretty face and full lips. Body size is completely irrelevant to me however plump/full figured is a plus. I love all age ranges from 18+, however older is preferred. The Model/Domme can be 100lbs or 500lbs, all that primarily matters to me is her face, lips and hair. If you have fat fleshy thighs that's a huge plus as I like to have my chest sat on so my face is trapped and smothered under the upper fatty part of the thighs while smoke is blown down on me.

Any age is fine however older is a plus. Absolutely No Sex or Nudity, you remain Fully Clothed.

Face/lips are the most important thing to me so I will want to see face pic. (100% Confidential) cash paid - I can provide numerous references whom can verify that I'm safe, pay as agreed, etc.


I love having smoke blown in my face while my nipples are played with.

I have a weird upper lip fetish in which I like to watch a woman exhale her smoke by popping her top lip out over her bottom lip and have the smoke float in my face. I refer to this as a "TopLipExhale".

I also enjoy having a gas mask/balloon/bag placed over my head and filled with smoke so I'm smothered and suffocated in smoke.

Location / Hosting

I'm located in the Haddam area of Connecticut. At present, my lower back is a train wreck with ruptured discs, partial stenosis, etc, and as a result I'm temporarily using a wheelchair. I prefer to host as traveling would be difficult. Additionally I have a couch that's very comfortable and forgiving on my lower back.


As you can see from this website and the Fetish Modeling page, my wife and I actually own and operate several popular BBW fetish oriented pay-sites. We have worked with numerous models through the years and can provide numerous references from models we have worked with in a professional context. They are wonderful people and several of the models entertained my fetish "off-camera" however there is significant distance or scheduling conflicts which makes sessioning on a regular basis difficult.

I have also done numerous sessions over the last couple of years, several with women I've met through FetLife, SexyJobs, etc. A few of them have given me their consent to use them as references if necessary. References will be provided privately and you can contact anyone of them yourself to verify that I am legitimate, pay as agreed and most importantly, safe!

Contacting Me

If you're interested and would like to know more please either email me or call/text. I can explain in more specific detail about my interests, tell you more about myself and answer any questions you may have.